Freecaf™ Coffee

Full Flavoured, Organic, Caffeine Free Coffee

100% Organically Sourced

Kick the habit.
Embrace the ritual.

Freecaf is the next generation of caffeine-free coffee, crafted especially for people who adore the ritual of coffee and can no longer deal with the nasty side effects of caffeine. If you’ve found your way here, you’ve probably already encountered some of the downsides to regular coffee and you know that decaf coffee is usually FULL of chemicals and tastes… well…. disappointing.

Uncompromising flavour, committed to wellbeing.

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Welcome. We are a community of health conscious, coffee connoisseurs who love life, creativity and connection. Together we will discover the road to peace of mind, optimum health and deep contentment.

Coffee supported by
health professionals.

We are taking the health industry by storm and can guarantee Freecaf coffee is completely free from caffeine, chemicals and other nasties that are known to give us the jitters, depression, anxiety, adrenal fatigue and to deplete vitamin B. We are proud to be making waves with our organic, caffeine free coffee that rivals the flavour and body of most of the coffees on the market. Enjoy as much as you like, without the side effects.

Revolutionise the way you
drink caffeine free coffee.

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Embrace the ritual.

Take a journey with us through tantalising flavour to ultimate satisfaction…

Perhaps Freecaf brings back those sacred moments at work. After giving up all the toxicities of our younger days, a cup of Freecaf can create a little slice of paradise amongst the hustle and bustle of work life.

Or maybe you yearn to satisfy a cheeky coffee desire long into the evening AND get a good night sleep.

Perhaps you’re blissfully happy moment is after you’ve just stepped out of the ocean, a grinning, dishevelled mess. The sand still on your toes and salt in your hair. As you pull out your thermos, you quietly thank your past self for making a brew this morning. Clasped in both hands, you relish a long sip and sink into the delightful, full body exhale that only a great coffee can bring.

Your coffee ritual has returned and we’re with you.

Revive your coffee ritual with impeccable caffeine free coffee.

Freecaf health benefits

We’ll keep it short because we’re probably preaching to the converted.


  • Decreases blood pressure
  • No chemical dependency
  • Minimal impact on nervous system and sleep patterns
  • Full flavour


  • Increases blood pressure
  • Addictive qualities
  • Possible jitters, anxiety, restlessness, Insomnia
  • Full flavour

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Taste the Freecaf™ difference

Organic, caffeine-free coffee with an unprecedented full bodied flavour.

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